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Goodmorning! Today I’m gonna show you an outfit I got in my mind for a looong long time before to wear it. It’s kind of “à la garçonnelook! Blazer, shirt, trousers, loafers, even the pochette in my poket, everything let me look like a man… but then see at my chignon, the big silver earrings and all those bracelets and red lipstick, then you just realize it’s me, a girl… The main concept I want to comunicate with my blog, so with the title “The Fashion Twice“, it’s that everything has a dualism , you can see everything by two different positions, different styles and even mix them. Now you can finally understand that meaning , laying on posts, that is my idea of fashion. Contrast. I really wish you to enjoy these pics :) Have a nice day <3 Continue Reading

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