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Don’t let fashion get away from you
When you’re young, free and single, keeping up with the latest fashion is easy. You’ve got loads of time to read magazines and chat with your friends about the newest looks. Then, as you get a little older, responsibilities start to get in the way. First comes the job, then it’s a house and kids. All of a sudden, you realise that years have gone by since you last had a good look at a style magazine. You just haven’t had the time.
It’s funny how some things just get overtaken in importance without you realising. But it’s when you find that you’re wearing a top that you’ve had for five years – can it really be that long? – that you suddenly realise that maybe it’s time to get your head back in the game. 

Back in at the deep end
Jumping back into fashion after some time away can be pretty daunting. All the clothes and the looks seem very unfamiliar and a little ‘out there’. There are loads of names you don’t recognise, celebrity fashionistas you’ve never heard of, and abbreviations that everyone but you seems to know. But don’t panic – it really won’t take long to get up to speed. Remember, some of the clothes may look a little strange, but the key is to suggest the look. You don’t always have to go all out for it.
Where to begin?
A good place to start is always with names that you are familiar with. Whilst things in fashion may change all the time, some things always stay the same. Names like Lacoste aren’t going anywhere. These are mainstays, so you know you will always be comfortable and stylish wearing the brand. Identify some of the basic trends for the season by looking at the latest collections from names you know and trust. Then start building your new wardrobe around that solid foundation. 
Before too long you’ll be right up to speed, discussing the new collections from the hottest new designers.
Fashion moves at such a speed that if you stop paying attention, you can easily lose track. But fashion is for everyone. It’s all-inclusive and you are never too old or out of touch to get straight back into the middle of things.


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